Abou Eng


The Grid is an online professional networking platform for engineering and technology practitioners across the Nigerian Nation. This includes engineers, technicians, technologists, craftsmen and students.


Engine is an internet based technology news aggregator on the ENG Platform. It covers all technology based news and engineering events in the Nigeria nation and other related global technology news.


The VEND section is a Nigerian online marketplace for a wide range of engineering products and services. It is an ecommerce service that matches product buyers to sellers and service providers to consumers.

ENG NIGERIA The best online engineering service website

Advancing the practise and development of engineering and technology in Nigeria

Connect people doing similar things

Create a supportive system, where individuals and groups who have common interests can come together and share information and services to achieve certain goals.

Initiatives and Program Execution

Bring together students, graduates and professionals of various disciplines to develop and implement initiatives, applications and features around strategic taglines (education, research, innovation and projects) in order to achieve the ENG AIM

Drive Professionalism

Encourage engineer’s membership and participation in the activities of engineering regulatory bodies, working with the latter in developing enriched programs and events that encourages involvement.

Information Access

Provide access to all technology based news, resources and engineering events in the Nigeria nation and other related global technology news.

Market Control

Provide quick reach to standard’s approved engineering products and services across various locations of the country

An Avenue For all

A place where everyone can contribute meaningful ideas to support the above stated goals.