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ENG Pro Network Limited


ENG Pro Network Ltd is an engineering development company with a focus on applications, initiatives and programs for the engineering industry.


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Business Brand - ENG Online

Description - ENG is a business oriented engineering and technology online service (web and mobile application).

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  • Board of Directors/Key People ENG Team
  • Founded Date February 22, 2017
  • Industry Sector Engineering Development (ICT)

Company Profile

  • Specialties, Services and Products ENG Online­
    Online Eng­ineering S­ervice in ­Nigeria­

ENG has identified its primary vision as Advancing the Practice and Development of Engineering in Nigeria. To this effect the long term objectives of this venture will mainly focus on engaging the engineering community around the nation in developing and executing initiatives and programs geared towards achieving this vision.



“Our Mission is to Provide Engineering Leadership for Sustainable National Development”