About ENG Tools

The ENG Tools feature provides a platform that brings together students, graduates and professionals of various engineering disciplines to develop and implement initiatives around strategic taglines in order to achieve the ENG goals and objectives.


An online tool that matches and connects students, graduates and career beginners with experienced professionals for a maximum learning advantage


Technology Innovation Entrepreneurship is an online technology cluster that brings together start-ups, innovators and entrepreneurs for the main aim of increasing productivity.


An online service that facilitates exchange and outsourcing of research projects from industry professionals and organisations to university students, and other interested individuals.


ENG Tools gives Grid users the opportunity to keep in touch with cutting edge information, network with professionals and invest in their career advancement through mentoring opportunities and other programs, thereby creating lasting solutions with immediate impacts.

On the ENG Tools platform individuals and multidisciplinary groups can join and contribute meaningfully to the growth of engineering, technology and the nations's economy through professional development, implementation of innovative ideas; technical innovation and innovative implementation of traditional methods and technologies