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COREN - Becoming a Registered and Recognized Engineer

Engineeering Personnel Registration Guidelines.

Council for the Regulation of Engineering in Nigeria (COREN).


The Council for the Regulation of Engineering in Nigeria, COREN, was established by decree 55 of 1970 and amended by Decree 27 of 1992, now the “Engineers (Registration, etc) Act, CAP E11 of 2004” Law of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. The Act establishes COREN as a statutory body of the Federal Government empowered to regulate the Practice of Engineering in all aspects and ramifications in Nigeria.


The Council for the Regulation of Engineering in Nigeria, COREN, is a body set-up by the Decrees 55/70 and 27/92 (now Acts 110). The Decrees empowered the Council to regulate and control the training and practice of engineering in Nigeria and to ensure and enforce the registration of all engineering personnel (i.e. Engineers, Engineering Technologists, Engineering Technicians, and Engineering Craftsmen) and consulting firms wishing to practice or engage in the practice of engineering.




In Section 1 (i) subsections (a) and (b) and subsection (3) of Section (4) of COREN enabling decree, Council is empowered to determine who are engineering personnel and to register them in their respective registers.

Council has been able to regulate, as contained in its publication CP3; that a person desiring to become a registered Engineering Personnel must, after obtaining the approved/accredited required academic qualification, must have four (4) years post-graduate experience which must be under the supervision of a senior registered Engineer.

Council believes that the continuing effectiveness of an engineering personnel depends on his contact with a recognized professional society and therefore advises engineering personnel to belong to a recognized professional society.

It must be emphasized that membership of a society does not by itself grant automatic right to registration. Council still needs to satisfy itself that the academic qualification is registrable for the category applied for.

The decree specifies the abbreviation to be used by each cadre as follows:

  • A Registered Engineer shall use the abbreviation "Engr" before his name
  • A Registered Engineering Technologists shall use the abbreviation "Engn. Tech" after his name.
  • A Registered Engineering Technician shall use the abbreviation "Tech" after his name.
  • A Registered Engineering Craftsman shall use his full title "Craftsman" with his trade in bracket under his name.


Registration Guidelines and Instructions

With effect from 1st April 2016, COREN ceases to collect hard copy application form for Engineering Personnel Registration. All applications are to be submitted online.




1. Before starting the application process, you will need to obtain your transcript and have it sent directly from your school to COREN through any of the following means:


Electronic Delivery: Request and deliver your electronic transcripts from your school directly to us through the ETX-NG network (Visit – See Registration Guidelines)



Manual Delivery:

Send manual copies to (The Registrar, Council for the Regulation of Engineering in Nigeria, 22 Addis Ababa Crescent Wuse Zone 4, P.O.Box 8461, Wuse, Abuja).

You can also request your school to send the e-transcripts using the school's official email address to:


2. Download the Proposer and Work Experience Forms before you start filling the application form online as this is a requirement among the documents to be uploaded during the registration process. Please ensure and confirm that your two (2) proposers are up to date in the payment of their annual practicing fee.


3. Click on this link to visit the Registration Page 

(Visit – See Registration Guidelines)


 4. You are expected to fill all the basic details required before proceeding to pay for your registration fee online. Always ensure you use a valid email address and phone number when filling the form as this will be used to communicate to you throughout the registration process.


5. Choose your category as it applies to you. The cost of each category is as indicated. Fill all the basic details, click on the Register button, it will bring up a pop box to verify your payment details. On confirming your payment details, click on Pay button, you will be directed to Remita payment gateway.


6. You may decide to pay online with your Credit Card or print the generated Remita Retrieval Reference (RRR) number and proceed to any of the bank listed on the Remita Payment Gateway page to make payment. On successful payment of either of the payment option, your payment will be automatically updated and registration process activated.


7. Click on the Login button to continue with your registration. Choose the Registered Applicant Option as Login Type. Enter the Email Address and Password you used when registering to login.


8. On successful login, click on Application tab by the left, it will load all the information you are expected to fill.


9. Click on Profile Info, fill the details under Basic, Contact and Other Information


10. Click on all other relevant tab – Education, Work Experience, Membership of Engineering Bodies, Non Nigerian Extra Info (For Non-Nigerian only). 


11. Click on Document tab to upload relevant document including Technical Report of not  more than 3 Pages in MS Word Format. 


You are required to scan and upload Original Copies of your Credentials. No single upload must be more than 500kb.


12. When done, click on Application Approval under the Request tab to submit your application. Then click on Request Application Approval button to submit your application


13. For complaints/support, you may visit the nearest COREN Office or send email, or

call: Head MIS for Technical issues on 07088697792 only on working days between 8am - 4pm.


Complaints/Support on Issues of Payments call Accounts on 07016833173 

Complaints on Issues partaining to Status of application/Transcript call Registration on 07088697820



For Nigerian Applicants – 6 Months

For Expatriates – 3 Months




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