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NSE - Membership Requirements and Benefits

Nigerian Society of Engineers (NSE).

Membership Requirements and Benefits


About the NSE. 

The Nigerian Society of Engineers is the umbrella organization for the Engineering Profession in Nigeria. The Society looks after the professional needs of members through well-structured programmes and regular interactions among the different cadre of membership, enhancing high professional standard and ethical practices.

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Membership Requirements

The following are guidelines for persons aspiring to become members of the Nigerian Society of Engineers. There are six grades of membership namely:

Fellow, Honorary Fellow, Corporate Member, Graduate Member, Associate and Student Member. The education and training required for each grade of membership are listed hereunder:



A Student Member shall be a person who is undertaking an approved engineering course of training leading to a degree in an institution recognised by the Council of the Society for the purpose of training professional engineers.



A person seeking admission to Graduate Membership shall possess an academic qualification acceptable to the Council of the Society and registrable by the Council for the Regulation of Engineering in Nigeria (COREN) under the provisions of the Engineering Registration Decree (No.55) of 1970 or such amendments thereof. Post-qualification practical experience shall not be a requirement for entry into this class. HND holders are not registrable


A person seeking election, as an Associate of the Society shall possess an academic qualification at the level of a university degree in the sciences allied to engineering science, or the qualifications approved by the Council of the Society. In addition, he shall have been engaged on work related to the practice of engineering for a minimum period of 5 years.



A1 Candidates who are holders of the Bachelor's degree in Engineering whose institutions' programmes are accredited by COREN and with such candidates having been registered by COREN as professional Engineers.    

A2 Candidates who are already Corporate Members of Engineering Institutions (licensed as Professional Chartered or Registered Engineers) recognized by COREN.        

B1 Candidates who are holders of the Bachelor's degree in engineering whose qualifications are accredited by COREN or any overseas accreditation board recognised by COREN. Such candidates must have acquired a minimum of 4 years post-qualification experience.

B2 Candidates who obtained HND and PGD in the same field of Engineering from approved Institution and had acquired a minimum of 6 years post-graduation experience in the practice of Engineering.        

C1 Candidates who are holders of correct and adequate basic academic qualifications by COREN Standards and Regulations who are 40 years and above. Such candidates as at the time of application must have a minimum of 10 years post-qualification experience. The candidates must appear in person.   

C2 Candidates who are holders of correct and adequate basic academic qualifications by COREN Standards and Regulations and are top executives in Government parastatals or Industries etc who are not only 45 years and above with respect of age, but who, as at the time of application have minimum of 15 years post qualification experience. They may be accorded Presidential interview through NSE branch.      

D4 The candidate must be up to 50years of age & above and have either of the following credentials B.Sc in Sciences with Post Graduate Diploma (PGD) and Masters degree in Engineering City & Guilds of 1999 with PGD and Masters degree in the same field of Engineering


All candidates must have been corporate members of the Society for 10 years in addition to what we have in the Memorandum and Articles of Association of NSE.
All HND holders must have additional academic qualification(s) before Fellowship.
All referees must be financial members of the Society and their reference letters must be received before the consideration of the candidate’s application.
Only the President can waive this option.   
Must have attended at least 5 AGMs in the last ten years prior to the year of application.
Must have written and presented four (4) Technical/Management papers at NSE and or any other fora acceptable to the Board of Fellows. All papers must have been presented in the last 10 years.        
Must have worked on some outstanding projects (that stand out from the ordinary).
Attended the yearly refresher Engineering Courses/Workshops to make him or her current on engineering practice and not with obsolete knowledge – must show evidence of this in the application form.       
Must be active in his or her Branch and Division activities.
Financial status must be consistent. There must be evidence of consistency in the payment of dues to NSE in the last 5 years.   

The processing fees for the two categories of Fellowship had been reviewed upwards as follows:
i) By invitation - the Council had approved N2.2m for applicants by invitation. The intention was to limit the number of applicants for this category and encourage applicants by application.
ii) By application - the Council also approved N300, 000 for this category of applicants.


The Council of the Society may at its discretion elect distinguished persons to Honorary Fellowship. Such persons, though not necessarily engineers, would normally have used their positions to render notable assistance to the practice of engineering science.


Members Benefits

The Society offer courses and workshops regularly for professional improvement and continuing education of members. These courses/workshops are coordinated by the Professional Development Directorate of the National Headquarters and are organized nation-wide through Divisions and Branches of the Society and the National Headquarters.

The Society holds Engineering Conference every year and an international conference every two years between the last week in November and December. Conference Themes are chosen based on contemporary issues and a communique issued at the end of proceedings.

Careers and Employment Advice
The Society provides advice to members on job placement and career progression through her Job placement unit. The unit maintains a list of members wishing to change jobs or in search of jobs, and also match jobs opportunities by its job listing.

Liaison with the Council for the Regulation of Engineering in Nigeria (COREN)
The Society is represented on the Council of COREN and maintains close relations with the body on all issues relating to the engineering profession. These include Engineering Regulations Monitoring (ERM), Mandatory Continuing Professional Development (MCPD) and Engineers remuneration.

The Society provides a forum for engineers to exchange ideas and update their knowledge on contemporary and future developments in engineering

Code of Ethics         
The Society has established a Code of Ethics to control the professional conduct of her members. Disciplinary actions are instituted under this code.

Advisory services   
The Society provides guidance to members on a wide range of matters relevant to their involvements with and development in the profession. Government and the general public may also seek advice of the Society on Professional Engineering matters.

Awards and Prizes 
Grants/Fellowships/Awards and Prizes for papers, research and other contributions to the profession are awarded by the Society from time to time to those who distinguished themselves in the profession.

Benevolent Fund     
The Society maintains a benevolent fund to which individual members contribute. The fund is to help members and their families in distress.

The Society sponsors and encourages competitions at all levels, secondary schools through Universities to Professional. The Engineer of the Year Award has also been instituted.

International Relations     
The Society represents Nigeria through her membership of the Commonwealth Engineers Council (CEC) and World Federation of Engineering Organization (WFEO). The Society is also the Secretariat of the Federation of African Engineering Organization (FAEO).
Foreign Industrial tours are also organized by Branches and the Headquarters coordinated by the International Affairs unit at the Headquarters.


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