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FibreNet by MTN

MTN Unveils New Product “Fibrenet”

MTN Nigeria has launched its FibreNet product and services in Abuja using CITEC estate as its pilot.

Auwal Abdullahi, MTN senior manager Enterprise Business in the North, said the decision to start with the estate “was borne out of the fact that CITEC is one of the biggest estate in Abuja with close to about 3,000 residents“

 About FibreNet (By Auwal Abdullahi)

FibreNet known as fibre-to-home is a cable connection unlike the conventional wireless GSM mobile connection which makes it to be “highly scalable, and highly resilient.

The speed of internet either on 3G or 4G is always in the neighbour of 7 to 70mbps but with the fibre-to-home you are likely to enjoy up to 700mbps.

With the FibreNet Product the 3,000 residents of CITEC are assured of reliable and affordable internet, which is highly subsidized for its users.

Abdullahi stressed that “once we are successful, we can actually replicate this in virtually all the estates in Abuja, adding that there are plans to spread it across the country.”




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